Medieval poetry: the kingdom of love
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XIX th century: toward a renaissance
XIX th century (1854-1914):  spreading and sclerosis of the Provençal miracle
XX th century (1920-1965): the anguish of no future
XX th century (1965-1981): "un país que vòl viure" (a country that just wants to live)
XX th century (1981-2000): postoccitanisme
XXI th century: just a living literature among many other ones? 


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Louisa Paulin was born in Réalmont on December 2, 1888 and became in October 1904, a student in the training school of teachers at Albi. This quiet girl, somewhat secret, started thus to teach  in 1907,  in modest rural schools of the Tarn. In 1908, an enthusiastic marriage is followed soon by a divorce.

She will remain 18 years teacher in the Limousin, leaving to her pupils an imperishable memory. 

 After she retired, while she was only 44 years old, she went back to Réalmont, rediscovering the magic paths of her childhood. And that was the time she started writing in Occitan...

Occitan, she said, allows a new form of culture... I know Occitan by instinct, since I have spoken it until I was 7 years old. It's a superb language, with an incredible richness and flexibility. It's the very language of poetry” 


Most of her literary creation was thus performed in the period  1934 - 1944, before she deceased from a  dreadful disease, which at its  beginning stoled her the ability to see... and then, for several years,  with her mind only open to invisible reality, she dictated poems to her friends... 

Her poems, full of exquisite sensitivity, seem nothing else. They are short, full of lightness and emotion. They are most of the time forgotten by all academic overlooks of modern Occcitan poetry. Yet, their popularity among lovers of Occitan language has never decreased, and Loïsa is still one of the most famous and beloved Occitan poets of the XXth century...



Joana d'Aimé!

Anuèit, me cantes pas, anuèit,
la cançon de Joana d'Aimé...
Sus la font la luna se lèva,
dins lo vent torneja una fuèlha,
dins lo vent.
la fuèlha se nèga,
l'aiga tremola jos lo vent...
Joana d'Aimé!

Loïsa Paulin, Direm pas a la nòstra nena, Enèrgas, ed. Vent Terral, 1984 (segonda edicion 1992).

Aimé's daughter Jean

Tonight, don't sing for me, tonight,
The song of Aimé's daughter Jean...
The moon rises over the fountain,
And in the wind a leaf swirls round
In the wind.
The leaf drowns
As the water rustles under the wind…
Aimé's daughter Jean!

Loïsa Paulin.
traduction : Stèu Lombardo.



çò que l'aigueta
canta suau
e la fulhòta
a sota votz,
çò que la mofa
a sospirat,
çò que mon còr
ausa pas dire,
ò Rossinhòl,
un ser de prima,
jos sa fenèstra
que dins la nuèit,
ò Rossinhòl,
es una estela
per mon còr.


Loïsa Paulin, Direm pas a la nòstra nena, Enèrgas, ed. Vent Terral, 1984 (segonda edicion 1992).

Little nightingale

Little nightingale,
what running water
sings softly,
and the little leaf
murmurs low,
what the moss
said sighing,
what my heart
dare not speak,
on a spring evening
under her window
sing all this ;
under her window
which in the darkness,
is a star
for my heart.

Loïsa Paulin.
traduction : Loïsa Esher

Fuèlha perduda

Res es trist al treslús coma una fulhòta perduda,
volatejant, pauruga, dins lo vent grand,
e que tusta al carrèu coma una ala sens ama,
coma una ama sens alas...
Ieu ! Ieu ! luènh de ton còr.

Loïsa Paulin, Direm pas a la nòstra nena, Enèrgas, ed. Vent Terral, 1984 (segonda edicion 1992).


Lost leaf

Nothing is so sad at twilight as a little
lost leaf
fluttering, afraid, in the high wind
and tapping on the window-pane like a wing with no soul,
like a soul without wings...
I ! I ! far from your heart.

Loïsa Paulin.
traduction : Loïsa Esher



Non, non, anuèit vòli fugir l'ostal !
Vòli lo fial de fum que s'estira suls camps
quand lo lauraire aluca un fuòc d'erbassas.
Ò fial de fum, vèni ligar un raive,
un raive que m'escapa
- coma tu, fial de fum -
per fugir cap a las estelas.



No, no, tonight I want to flee the house !
I want the thread of smoke that stretches over the fields
when the labourer lights a bonfire of weeds.
Thread of smoke, come and bind fast a dream,
a dream which escapes me
- like you, thread of smoke –
and flees towards the stars

Loïsa Paulin.
traduction : Loïsa Esher


Cantoneja l'aigueta,
l'aigueta risoleta,
perque sap pas ony va.
O podèm pas li dire,
que l'ausiriàm mai rire,
mai rire e mai cantar.



The running water’s singing

It’s laughing water, running
Away it knows not where.
We mustn’t ever tell it
Or we’d no longer hear it
Laughing without a care.


Loïsa Paulin.
traduction : Loïsa Esher

Cançon del silenci
Vèni, ausirem, anuèit, la Cançon del silenci,
la cançon que comença,
quand s'escantís, la nuèit, lo cant del rossinhòl;
la cançon que s'ausís al doç cresc de l'erbeta,
la cançon de l'aigueta
que se pausa, un moment, al rebat d'un ramèl;
la cançon de la branca
que fernís e que dança
desliurada del pes amorós d'un aucèl;
la secrèta cançon breçant l'ombra blavenca
del liri còrfondut de promessa maienca,
qu'espèra, per florir, un signe de l'azur.


 The song of the silence


Come, we'll listen tonight to the song of the silence

the song that begins
when the nightingale's singing fades into the dark
the song that we hear in the grass's soft growing
the song of the flowing
of water that pauses to mirror a twig
the song of the branch
as it quivers and dances
once freed from the amorous weight of a lark;
the secret song rocking the blue shadow cast
by the lily so full of spring promise it swoons
as it waits for a sign from the clear sky, to bloom



Loïsa Paulin.
traduction : Loïsa Esher



Silenci de l'auton

Silenci de l'auton quand lo vent s'es pausat
doç coma una pluma de palomba
escapada de la negra man del caçaire.
Silenci saure de l'auton
ont s'ausís la darrièra vèspa
e lo mai escondut al plus prigond del còr.



Autumn silence

Autumn silence when the wind has dropped

as soft as a dove's feather
fluttering out of the huntsman's black hand
Blond autumn silence
when the last wasp can be heard,
and the deepest secrets of the heart.


Loïsa Paulin.
traduction : Loïsa Esher



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